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The Medialexie Scribe
Scribe : c'est aujourd'hui le logiciel le plus performant et le plus puissant pour aider un élève « dys » dans le cadre de son cursus scolaire. La version scribe intègre tous les outils développés par Médialexie.
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Windows 8
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The Medialexie Sentence Predictor                
              The Medialexie Sentence Predictor Because the Medialexie Sentence Predictor incorporates an additional feature that comes from the Medialexie Ecriver with two patents, this software delivers an unequaled performance so far, especially in the case of severe dysorthographia. With this feature, the Predictor will propose to you one or several solution(s) for a piece of sentence that is both distorted and wrongly divided.
The Medialexie Ecriver                
              The Medialexie Ecriver It is a unique tool that uses two patents. It enables you to write a text when the speech dictation is not possible.
It can transcribe a written sentence into the oral mode. This sentence may be both distorted and wrongly divided.
Write your text as you hear it (with the Medialexie Key Echo for example), and listen to it after… if you hear it properly, the Medialexie Ecriver will consequently transcribe it properly. Don’t worry anymore about either badly written words or misspelled ones!
If you can't speak and you have to use the keyboard, the Medialexie Ecriver will help you format and edit your texts.
The Word Predictor                
              The Word Predictor It aims at helping you write a text with a computer keyboard. As you type the first letters, the Medialexie Predictor both displays and reads out a list of possible words. This list becomes more precise with each extra letter typed. You can indicate your writing difficulties to the software so that it takes them into account. The Predictor incorporates a feature that is both unique and patented by Medialexie. Then, this software can propose a solution for an incorrect word that is written in the oral mode. Moreover, in order to assist you in making a choice, the Predictor introduces an option for each word of the list such as, for example: different endings, nature (definition), synonyms, conjugation…
The Medialexie Speech Dictation                
              The Medialexie Speech Dictation Instead of using the keyboard and the mouse, you speak! With the Medialexie Speech Dictation, you can dictate words, texts, figures, numbers, symbols… You will use this tool with a high quality digital USB headset with noise reduction. This tool is based on the technology named Dragon. Medialexie adapted this technology in order to offer best performances to the ‘dys’ pupils.
The Medialexie Checker                
              The Medialexie Checker It only analyses the words of a text in order to check their spelling accuracy. It is available in traditional French, in French according to the rules of the 1990 reform, in British, in American, in Spanish, in German, in Italian, in Dutch and in Arabic.
The Medialexie Reader                
              The Medialexie Reader With the speech synthesis, you can listen to the readout of any document. Select your text, copy it and listen to it with the Medialexie Reader. One or several voices are included in your Medialexie software. You can still contact us to add new ones.
HD American English, Spanish and German voices                
              HD American English, Spanish and German voices Male.
The Medialexie Key Echo                
              The Medialexie Key Echo The Key Echo oral is a tool that supports both reading and self correction. While you type on the computer keyboard keys, you hear the echo and the pronunciation of each letter, figure, punctuation, function… The Medialexie Key Echo proposes five echo modes of the keyboard: - Letter mode: to hear every letter read out as you type. - Word mode: to hear both every letter read out as you type and each completed word. - Sentence mode: to hear the reading of each completed sentence. - Special mode: to hear the sounds made by each letter group (word, number) as you type. - Phonetic mode: to hear the sound made by each letter typed.
The Medialexie Syllabification                
              The Medialexie Syllabification Syllabification is an effective tool that supports reading. It is mainly aimed at primary pupils. This tool enables you to both identify the syllables in a word by using different colors and a marker, and to discern the silent letters. This first version of the syllabification tool introduces a visual syllabification.
The Medialexie Cloud                
              The Medialexie Cloud You are connected in real time with other Medialexie users with the Medialexie Cloud. You can share information, ask for advice, reply to another user, access the tutorial and call out our teams. You can also connect to the social networks.
The Cordial Checker                
              The Cordial Checker Regardless of the mode you chose to write your text (with the Dictation tool, the Medialexie Ecriver, the keyboard…); you can use the Cordial Checker to finalize the spelling in your text. This checker both gives you indications regarding spelling, grammar, punctuation and highlights semantic errors. Only available for the French version of the Medialexie software.
The Medialexie Imaginer                
              The Medialexie Imaginer Based on the mind mapping concept and specially designed for 'dys’ pupils, the Imaginer enables you to organize all your ideas into a diagram. In contrast to other existing solutions that are excessively difficult for 'dys’ pupils to manipulate, the Medialexie Imaginer is outstanding in its simplicity. There are two modes of utilization; beginner or expert.
The search tools                
              The search tools With the search tools, you can:
- find the definition of a common word or a proper noun.
- find a synonym, an analogy.
- conjugate a verb in all the moods and tenses.
If you have an internet connection, you can access dictionaries, online encyclopedias, translators, search engines.
The Medialexie Analyzer                
              The Medialexie Analyzer It is a vital tool for the students who have difficulties to read, analyze and understand. It automatically analyzes a text and displays: the key sentences, themes, proper nouns and keywords that enable you to quickly and easily grasp this text. Only available for the French version of the Medialexie software.
The Medialexie Dictionaries                
              The Medialexie Dictionaries They enable you to get the definition of a word (common nouns, proper nouns), its synonyms, its analogies, its antonyms, and the conjugations of all the verbs (in all the moods and tenses). Both the definitions and conjugations can be read out by the computer with the Medialexie Reader.
The Medialexie Viewer                
              The  Medialexie Viewer Reading is also seeing. With the Medialexie Viewer, you can set up the automatic visual appearance of your texts; from the background screen color, to the choice of font size and color, the number of columns, line spacing or word spacing. You can also highlight certain individual letters, groups of letters or whole words.
The Medialexie Zoom Tool                
              The Medialexie Zoom Tool You can zoom in on one small area of the computer screen using your mouse. You will not have this opportunity with the other available magnifying tools. Indeed, they either create a screen wide band, or magnify the whole computer screen. As a result, the user is confused with low spatial and temporal orientation skills. He can lose his bearings. The Medialexie Zoom Tool also allows color inversion.
The Medialexie Text Editor                
              The Medialexie Text Editor It is the central interface where you both write your text and do what you want with it. The Medialexie Editor proposes all the tools and options included in most of the text editors such as Word or Open Office. The Editor also helps you quickly access the features available in the software.
The Medialexie Transcriver                
              The Medialexie Transcriver With the Medialexie Transcriver, you can first record voice memos. Second, you can listen to them and edit them before transcribing them into the Medialexie Editor.
The Medialexie Voice Note                
              The Medialexie Voice Note You can create a voice note with the Medialexie Transcriver too, i.e. a sound file, either with your own voice or with the voice of another person. The Transcriver includes tools for handling sound files.
The Medialexie Agenda                
              The Medialexie Agenda It is specially designed for the pupils who have difficulties that are both spatial, temporal and regarding the management of their schedule. You can take your notes either with the keyboard or through one of the tools that are available in your Medialexie Toolbar: Transcriber, Ecriver, Speech Dictation…
The Medialexie centralized settings                
              The Medialexie centralized settings The power of the Medialexie software is also based on the finesse and the simplicity of the settings. As a result, each user can create his own profile within a single interface.
The Medialexie Tutorial                
              The Medialexie Tutorial It is the valued complement of the training sessions for the use of your Medialexie software. We update it regularly. It includes both presentations and definitions for each tool. There are also video animations.
The Medialexie Calame                
              The Medialexie Calame It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps both pupils and students to:
• Take notes.
• Revise.
• Prepare for evaluations / exams.
• Create note cards.
3 hours of Training                
              3 hours of Training The training program helps you discover, with the assistance of a Medialexie trainer, how to use your different tools at best, depending on your needs.
The Medialexie Cursor                
              The Medialexie Cursor This feature was developed by Medialexie, in collaboration with Patrice Couteret from the French Higher national training and research institute for both the education of the young disabled persons and the special educations (Institut national supérieur de formation et de recherche pour l'éducation des jeunes handicapés et les enseignements adaptés). This tool aims at reducing the difficulties often experienced by many pupils: spatial awareness and comprehension of the various spatial and temporal representations. For example, the young who are affected will struggle to either locate the edge that is in the top left corner of a white piece of paper or to answer the question like ‘do you put the direct object ‘before’ the verb?’
2 hours of Assistance                
              2 hours of Assistance With your Medialexie software, assistance for its use is provided. If you have any trouble or difficulty, please contact us so we can solve your problem and you can use the full features of your software.
The Updates                
              The Updates The Medialexie software is frequently updated for free. These free updates are vital for a good regular use of a software. We must take this information into account when it comes to comparing different information technology solutions. But we still have to make the difference between an update and a new version. Updates are frequent and regular whereas new versions are generally much less frequent. However, the new versions may result in a cost, generally very low, when they include new technologies that were not present in the previous version.
The Medialexie DVD                
              The Medialexie DVD Your Medialexie software is supplied on a DVD. Once you have received the software, you will have to install it on your computer if it meets the technical requirements, so you can use it.
The Medialexie Verb Conjugator                
              The Medialexie Verb Conjugator It enables you to conjugate any verb in any tense.
Medialexie Oral Notes                
              Medialexie Oral Notes The Transcriver lets you create an oral note, that is to say, an audio file, using your own voice, or someone else's voice. The Transcriver includes various sound file edition tools.
The Medialexie Formuler                
              The Medialexie Formuler It enables you to type or dictate a mathematical formula.
The Medialexie Talking Calculator                
              The Medialexie Talking Calculator You will hear the figures, numbers and results of your calculations with the use of the speech synthesis.
The Pythagoras tables                
              The Pythagoras tables The Pythagoras tables help you master the multiplication and addition tables. You can have each table read out by the Medialexie Reader.